Giuseppe Terragni in Rome Exhibit

On Thursday, November 10, the FAU School of Architecture will inaugurate the opening of the exhibition titled “Giuseppe Terragni in Rome.”   This exhibit was developed by students and faculty from the L’Università di Roma, La Sapienza, in collaboration with the University of Miami.
Prior to the opening of the exhibition, a symposium will be held from 5:30PM to 6:30PM in the Broward County Main Library Theatre.  Terragni‘s work and the exhibit will be discussed by Dr. Jean Francois Le Jeune (UM), Dr. David Rifkin (FIU), Dr. Vladimir Kulic (FAU) and John Sandell (FAU).
The symposium and exhibit is open to all students and the public.
We look forward to hosting this occasion, to celebrate and better understand one of the 20th century’s most outstanding architects.

Sea Level Rise Design Studios from Across the Country Focus on Fort Lauderdale

Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture is hosting a workshop October 13-14th, where three schools of architecture are engaged in sea level rise adaptation design for North Beach Village on Fort Lauderdale Beach. John Sandell, director of the FAU School of Architecture, and Jeffrey Huber are leading the design studios at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Keith Van de Riet of the University of Kansas and Lawrence Scarpa of the University of Southern California are leading their school’s studios. Scarpa and Van de Riet saw Fort Lauderdale and the issue of sea level rise as a critical issue with national relevance. Design research being conducted through a NOAA Sea Grant titled ADaPT: Adaptation Design and Planning Tool for Urban Areas in the Coastal Zone will formally publish a “how-to design manual” on resilient coastal urbanism. Working with the City of Fort Lauderdale, students with faculty will develop urban adaptation plans demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative architectural and urban design strategies utilizing North Beach Village as a testing ground. Development of urban solutions at the scales of individual lots (what a property owner can do), public rights-of-way (what the municipality can do), and neighborhood (what coordinated public/private collaborations can do) will provide a robust model for the City of Fort Lauderdale and other regional cities as they begin to align new infrastructure investments and development permits. As a design-led and interdisciplinary research approach, the design model provides a deployable framework and toolkit for addressing urgent challenges along vulnerable coastlines. The workshop included presentations and feedback from City of Fort Lauderdale staff and community stakeholders. There are plans to have a public exhibition of the work early next year.