Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Laboratory is situated within the Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture at our Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida campus. The FabLab consists of hand tools, small model working machines, wood shop, spray booth, laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machine, and various other tools, that are utilized to prototype, test, and make, as a means to advance the mission of the School and the University.

The FabLab provides orientations to initiate your educational experience with fabrication technologies. These are presented as blended online courses offered through the FAU Canvas interface. You’ll study the informational modules, then take a quiz. After completing the quiz, you’ll schedule a time on the Canvas Calendar to meet in the FabLab to complete a hands-on demo and cover additional information relevant specifically to the space and setup as it is. 

The completion of both the online quiz and the physical demo results in a Certificate of Completion, allowing you access to this technology in the FabLab. Keep in mind, that the course is an online resource where we’ll continue to make relevant announcements and provide resources in the Discussions area for continued learning.

The FabLab is currently available to FAU upper-level architecture students. If you’re interested in using the FabLab, please click here to let us know (perhaps we can accommodate you!)

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